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Mar 042012

As a prank project we installed a webcam at the front desk of the our office suite, and plugged it into a Linux machine. Then we had a decommissioned 14 inch monitor face the person who was just walking in so that he/she could see themselves in the monitor with absolute clarity. The text beneath said “Smile for the camera”.

This was an one line implementation with VLC. The terminal command for this would be:

vlc --sub-filter "marq{marquee=\$t \$\smile for the camera,color=16776960,position=8}" v4l2:////dev/video0

A false sense of security with some false video surveillance. Of course you can save the stream and turn it into real surveillance.


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  1. Yes, Ubuntu sucks now, I use Ubuntu every now and then, but I use 8.04, because it’s quick quick, light, stlabe enough, and it’s not using their Trying to be quicker bullshit that makes in unstable and less hardware support. Some people still use the Ubuntu 7.00s, and really, I don’t blame them, It’s getting worse and worse. Even Italian distributions like Sabayon have more support, But I do like Sababyon

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